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Val Grande national park on prescription

Romantic and well chilled

Romantic and well chilled

Val Grande national park – 146 square kilometres of wild scenery with traces of former cultivation, situated between 400 and 2.300 metres above sea level. Direction for use: Recommended for regular application with adults, youth and children. Active ingredients: mountains, valleys, ruggedly picturesque ponds for bathing and woods, being surrounded by chamois, trees in love, blueberries and raspberries, healthy pulse, Zen at the river.

What is Val Grande and when to apply?

Val Grande national park is a natural cure to stimulate mind and body, including your sex life, if desired. Area of application: exhaustion, boredom, weariness of cities, longing for wilderness, begin of a romantic relationship or a to be reanimated sex life.

What to bear in mind before applying Val Grande national park?

Remove the dust from your hiking shoes (sport shoes might lack an appropriate profile to the sole) and sleeping bag and pad. Lubricate your knees. In case of intolerance of a backpack on your shoulders hire a porter. Inside Val Grande national park you find: wild boar, chamois, snakes and edible dormice (a night-active, squirrel-like animal). Most of these animals you will see only from afar. Prepare for the dormice by packing earplugs.

How to apply Val Grande national park?

Val Grande national park is a holistic cure with positive affects for the nervous system. If not prescribed differently, adults, youth and children apply Val Grande national park once per year between April and October for a long weekend.

Possible side effects

Like all cures Val Grande national park induces relaxation and recovering. Enthusiasm and sore muscles have been frequently observed, too. Danger of addiction is an occasionally observed side effect. Addiction manifests itself by long stays in Val Grande national park outside the recommended period – during winter. In one, extremely rare example hermit life fully lived in Val Grande national park has been observed.

Additional information Val Grande national park

Active pharmaceutical ingredients of Val Grande national park:

Mountains and valleys - Corni di Nibbio and Monte Rosa

Mountains and valleys – Corni di Nibbio and Monte Rosa

A wildy romantic pond for your bath - At Rio del Ragozzale

A wildy romantic pond for your bath – At Rio del Ragozzale

Surrounded by chamois

Surrounded by chamois

Love making trees

Love making trees

Blueberries for ever

Blueberries for ever

Zen at river

Zen at river

Healthy pulse - your pass, your difference in altitude

Healthy pulse – your pass, your difference in altitude

Disclaimer: The bivouac in Val Gabbio is provided for free to all by the Corpo Forestale dello Stato. To all means to all species. Diurnal visitors should not expect respect by nocturnal residents. Scorpions may be relocated.

Bivouac in Val Gabbio

Bivouac in Val Gabbio

Val Grande national park is situated in the very north of Piedmont region (see map below). Check out the interactive map of Val Grande on parks.it about bivouaks, huts and places to eat in the national park.

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