My Italy bucket list

There are places whose names carry an almost mythic fascination. These are places whose perception reaches us first, through films, poetry or prose, journals, reportages and gossip. With a childhood on the Eastern side of the Iron curtain I know the Russian cartoon “Hare and wolf” (“Nu, pagadi!”) better than Disney cartoons and the names of the Siberian rivers better than the towns of the Riviera. Luckily people have long loved to share their travel experiences, in prose and song: We have literature and cantautori. So I like to rely in the memory of others, which at the same time gives me a chance to travel back in time.

Italy, country of desire

Italy is such a mythically charged place. I believe to know the country already well, because many things Italian have become part of my lifestyle. Certainly only the things enjoyable, like cuisine, cinema, landscape, beautiful towns. Things appearing strange, wrong or ridiculous, I prefer to ignore.

My plan for the next 12 months is to visit all twenty Italian regions, highest points, oldest gardens and national parks, the most famous beaches, the most magical places. Genoa, Florence, Palermo, Naples, Amalfi coast, Gran Paradiso, Matera, Rimini, Viterbo, Dolomites. For certain places a short visit is not enough. In Rome and Naples I need more than a weekend to understand and get to know the place. Ecco, here is my – always incomplete – bucket list Italy.

  1. Live in Rome for a month and learn Italian
  2. Explore Sicily in the footsteps of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
  3. Travel in Sicily with Addio Pizzo travel
  4. Visit Venice Biennale
  5. Sleep in the Sassi di Matera
  6. Go on Capricorn safari in Gran Paradiso National park
  7. Follow the path of marble from Candoglia to Milan Dome
  8. Visit Rimini
  9. Visit Truffles Fair in Alba and eat as many truffles dishes as I can
  10. Attend a performance at La Scala Milan
  11. See Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel
  12. Ride from Dolomites to Venice by bicycle
  13. Experience the Battle of Oranges during Ivrea carnival
  14. Walk through the Cinqueterre villages in Liguria
  15. Flying visit at Amalfi coast, Capri, Blue grotto
  16. Take the train to Lecce
  17. Hike the Sabin mountains, Latium
  18. Hear another opera at the Arena di Verona, this time with picnic basket
  19. Try ice climbing in Aosta valley
  20. Compare Triest with Lviv
  21. Go to Reggio Calabria during Nosside poetry award
  22. Tell the story of the successful development of the label crime-free product or service from niche to mainstream
  23. Visit the cathedral of Termoli, Molise
  24. Go to devil valley, Tuscany and see Larderello, the world’s oldest geothermal plant
  25. Bear safari in the Abruzzi
  26. Cross the Alps on the route of Charlemagne, on foot
  27. Hike the Grand Walser trail
  28. Sleep in the Margherita hut (4.554 m) without getting a headache

To be continued 🙂

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