For me to discover a place means to use all the senses – see, listen, touch, taste. Speaking the language can be a magic key or dancing to local music!

Welcome in Italy – with Azzurro Diary you are already there! Azzurro Diary is a travel blog about discovering one of Europe’s most beautiful and intriguing countries, its culture and way of life – Italy.

Azzurro – this colour symbolizes Italy for me: its lakes, the sea, sky – and all shades of blue that I love. Not to forget gli azzurri, the national football team.

Diary – Since I moved to Verbania at Lake Maggiore in April 2013 I have been travelling the country with great enthusiasm. My discoveries, experiences and tips you find documented here. Well, I put the country to the acid test, as its new resident I cannot simply go home again! I look closely and behind the scenes. Discover Italy in a close-up view with me!

What does Azzurro Diary talk about? What to expect?

I give you a fresh, spirited and multifaceted portrait of Italy with many travel experiences and a lot of practical tips about travelling in Italy with many photos. You can use it to start discovering the country from home or to get inspiration for your next trip to Italy.

If you are learning Italian (or another foreign language), I have efficient and field-tested language learning tips (English version coming soon) for you to make your efforts successful quickly.

I visit the eternal city, the city of fashion Milan, capitals north and south, but also love smaller, lesser known towns, unknown national parks or discover the borderland.

I can easily wonder off in a district of Milan, become friends with a town or fall in love with one. I give you tips for the perfect shopping day in Milan, help you survive a trip to Rome in the summer and to avoid the crowds queuing or take you on a time travel to St. Francis of Assisi.

How do I travel?

I travel by train, car, plane, bicycle, I walk and hike, I might try the company of a donkey! I prefer down-to-earth means of travel at a pace that allow me to get attuned to my destination.

To travel means for me to immerse myself into the life at a place I visit, at least for a moment. Sometimes it is enough to be forced to wait for an hour. Today I am convinced that my one hour of waiting at Milan Central Station conveyed more about the city, than my stroll through Quadrilatero d’Oro alone ever could. Both are Milan, which like any city cannot be reduced to a few facts or places.

I prefer to travel independently, but always with many ideas in mind of what to visit and a lot of open space for spontaneous discoveries.

What is Azzurro Diary about? It is the versatility of Italy that I want to show here.

For whom do I write Azzurro Diary?

I write my blog for all active and curious discoverers of Italy, no matter if they already know the country or want to get to know it yet.

You love unique experiences, like to travel independently and to immerse yourself in the life and culture you find at your destination? Then you find a like-minded travel friend in me and this is the place to inspire you.

You like to get involved with the unknown? You love to roam back roads far away from the shopping centres? You prefer local shops, brands and cafés to support the local culture and economy? You like to observe locals and even start a conversation with them? Then we could easily discover Italy together!

You learn Italian or another foreign language? Perfect. I give you language learning tips to make you succeed in a faster pace. Try them and let me know how they worked for you!

What makes Azzurro Diary a unique travel blog? (What do you find only here?)

I live and travel in Italy everyday. With Azzurro Diary you discover Italy in a close-up view. No matter if city or small town, tourist hotspot or backwater – I find out what makes a visit worthwhile and fun, in summer, winter or rainy days.

Azzurro Diary prepares you for your visit to Italy or takes you to Italy if you are still at home.

My bucket list with destinations in Italy is growing ever longer. What would you like to see in Italy or know about it? Let me know on Facebook or via Twitter!

After having studied six languages (three of which I speak fluently) – I must be somewhat a language expert. At least I know what works and how you can optimize your learning. Try my language learning tips and share your success with me here!

Let us keep in touch!

Write me. Ask me all you want to know about Italy. Or what to see on your next trip to Italy. You find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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A presto! Carissimi saluti,


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